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Real Madrid kits 2019-2020 Adidas - kit dream league soccer 2019

Real Madrid kits 2019-2020 For Dls kits 19 :

Real Madrid Football Club Kits 2019-2020 season of the game kit dream league soccer 2019 and known among the fans of the game around the world with another name short is Dls 19 and you can also use those kits in other games, including the game First Touch soccer 2015 and Known for fans of the game all over the world with a short name and is FTS 15, welcome to our followers from all over the world will talk today about Real Madrid football kits for the season 2019-2020, which you can install the crews on many games and this topic falls in our site Under the name Kits dls 19 or in other words Dream League Soccer Kits 2019 in which we offer several teams teams Aadih from all over the world.
Real Madrid is one of the most popular club in the world in terms of the fact that the team is one of the most winning clubs in the world so we have designed Real Madrid Kits 2019-2020 for the game kit dream league soccer 2019 known as Dls 19 because of the teams enjoy that popularity The basic uniforms of the Real Madrid football club came in white as usual since the inception of the Spanish club in addition to the golden stripes on the shoulder of the shirt. Also the color of the Fly Emirates logo in the middle of the Real Madrid kit was changed to golden color in order to give a suitable shape and Nice .

512×512 real madrid kits 2019-2020 kit dream league soccer 2019 :

The Real Madrid shirt came this season under the auspices of Adidas International in the field of designing sportswear in the world and as we mentioned before the specifications of the basic uniforms of Real Madrid football club season 2019-2020 but now we will talk on the right size in order to install the kits without any Problems, God forbid, and it must be the kit size of 512×512 Kits, which was done in the Real Madrid kit, where the kit became the size of 512×512 real madrid kits and also to be installed Real Club logo must be the logo size 512×512 logo This is also what was made in the Real Madrid logo where the logo has become the size agreed upon by The company producing the game is the first touch games size 512×512 real madrid logo.

Real Madrid kits 2019-2020 home dls kits 19 :
Real Madrid kits 2019-2020 Away dls kits 19 :
Real Madrid kits 2019-2020 Third dls kits 19 :
Real Madrid kits 2019-2020 home goal keeper dls kits 19 :
Real Madrid logo :

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