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Juventus kits 2019-2020 Adidas To Dream League Soccer 2020

Juventus kit & logo 2019-2020 For Dream League Soccer 2020 :

Juventus Italian Football Club crews 2019-2020 season in the Serie A DREAM LEAGUE SOCCER 2020 The game is famous under its other name and it is a short name any nickname and it is DLS 20 You can also use these kits in Some other games produced by First touch Games, such as the first touch soccer 2015 game, which most of the game users know under the name acronym FTS 15, and today we will talk and review the teams of the Italian Juventus Football Club 2019-2020 season in Serie A championship and came The World Juventus club team is sponsored by Adidas, the global company in the field of sportswear design The world does not know the Adidas and it is noted in recent years that all Juventus kits come that company and came this year sets a different approach fully from the previous designs for the club in the past years where the kit comes in the same traditional colors of the club, but completely different from the previous design. Sponsored And the Italian Juventus club is considered one of the oldest and oldest clubs in Italy next to the city clubs of Milan and they are Inter Milan and AC Milan, but it is one of the elite clubs in Europe where the club holds 3 championships for the Champions League and Juventus faces a terrible misfortune At the end of that tournament, as it is the most losing club in the final, and due to the high demand from our visitors for Juventus kits 2019-2020, we decided to make Juventus kits in the Italian League for Dream League Soccer 2020 and First touch soccer 2015.

512x512 Juventus kits 2019-2020 to Dream League Soccer 2020:

And as we mentioned before, the Juventus club crews come this year under the sponsorship of Adidas, with a completely different design from the previous one. The basic dress of the "old lady" club came in white and black, separated by a line in red, and the alternative costume came in white in addition to the red streaks That decorate the kit and the team's third outfit comes in blue and some beautiful graphics on the kit in addition to the white stripes and also the kit includes the Juventus third goalkeeper kits, and as you know all the sizes of the kits should be 512x512 Kits and this is what it says Privacy policy of Dream League Soccer 2020 and game First touch soccer 2015 and both games are produced by First touch Games, so the Italian Juventus club kits were designed with a size of 512x512 juventus kits. The game law also stipulates that the Juventus club poet should be in this size as well, which is 512x512 Logo, so it was concluded Juventus club logo made in that size to 512x512 juventus logo.

Juventus kit 2019-2020 home:
512x512 juventus kits

Juventus kit 2019-2020 away:
512x512 juventus kits

Juventus kit 2019-2020 third:
512x512 juventus kits
Juventus kit 2019-2020 home goal keeper:
512x512 juventus kits

Juventus kit 2019-2020 away goal keeper:
512x512 juventus kits

Juventus kit 2019-2020 logo:
512x512 juventus logo


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