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DLS Zamalek Kits 2022-2023 By Tempo - Dream League Soccer 2022

Zamalek Kits 2022-2023 Tempo For DLS KITS 2022

Zamalek new Kits season 2022/23 club jersey, will play in Egypt Football League 2021/2022 season and African Champions League, we designed this jersey to be compatible with the fan level of Egypt in the famous game Dream League Soccer game in 2022, it is called For fans of the game, the game name is DLS 22.

Tempo and Egyptian football club Zamalek have announced the club's new season kit. After the release of the new jersey, club fans expressed their joy and admiration for the new jersey, confirming that the new jersey embodies the values ​​and history of the club's history, with two red lines on the front of the jersey. There is a pattern on the entire shirt and sleeves, it gives the shirt a beautiful and elegant look.

The pants are a bit classic because they are white, both pants have a red thread in the middle of the pants, and the socks are similar because they are white with a red thread at the top.

And what gained a great deal of admiration and fascination is the reserve shirt of Zamalek, which establishes some historical beliefs about the history of Zamalek on the shirt, as we see that there is a shareholder on the shirt from the front, and that is quoted from the Zamalek club logo.

As for the shorts, the reserve uniform, they come in blue in a classic style, with no patterns or drawings except for the Zamalek club logo and the sponsoring company logo, and the socks also come in a classic blue color.

And the Zamalek football club kits were designed for the 2021/2022 season to be consistent with the game Dream League Soccer 2022, the game that is very popular in Egypt, which Egyptian football fans call the DLS 22 game, and there are some conditions that must be available in the used kits, including that The kits used in the game are in size 512x512 Kits so you will see that the Zamalek club kits 2021/22 are all in the correct and agreed with size and work with you during the installation Kits in the game so all kits are made in size 512x512 Zamalek Kits.

Zamalek Sc Kits 2022/2023 Home


Zamalek Kits 2022-2023 Dls Kits 2022 Home

Zamalek Sc Kits 2022/2023 Away


Zamalek Kits 2022-2023 Dls Kits 2022 Away

Zamalek Sc Kits 2022/2023 Goalkeeper Home


Zamalek Kits 2022-2023 Dls Kits 2022 Goalkeeper Home

Zamalek Sc Kits 2022/2023 Goalkeeper


Zamalek Kits 2022-2023 Dls Kits 2022 Goalkeeper Away

Zamalek Sc Logo 2022/2023


Zamalek Logo 2022-2023 DLS KITS 2022


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